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Perhaps you need a gift for the person in your life who “has everything and needs nothing?” For those conscious of budgeting – and minimizing our “stuff,” and for those that are giving to someone conscious of the same- the following is a list you don’t want to miss!

This post may contain affiliate links. You can read more on the disclaimer page. Please know I will never promote or suggest any product that I haven’t used and/or continue to use, and that I enjoy using in my own life.

If you know the benefits of living with less, share the knowledge! Try not to give someone something that they will have to figure out where to put it. Before writing this list, I thought of any gift I would love to receive. If you are lucky enough to be asked (before given a set of salt and pepper shakers that are funky and wonderful but that you don’t need AT ALL) mention one of these things and enjoy!!!!


1. Erin Chase’s Grocery Budget Makeover

Definitely number one on my list! I purchased this course, followed along – anxiously awaiting the new module each week, and BAM! Grocery bill cut in HALF after one month. (yes, in HALF!) Grocery shopping has never been the same – I LOVED this course. Cannot stress that enough. This is a wonderful gift. Erin is lighthearted, fun, and she knows her subject well. Number one on my list.  Number. One.


2.YNAB: You Need A Budget

ynab you need a budget

I LOVE this budgeting app. you can use it on your desktop, phone, and tablet. It has been over a year since I have been using this application, and it has changed the way I budget. It’s the cash envelope system plugged in! I tried using Mint – but it was just too much information in one place for me – the learning curve with YNAB is doable, and the people at YNAB have great tutorials and webinars.


3. LastPass

I don’t know what I would do without this app. Not true. I know what I would do – I would be frustrated because I wouldn’t be able to remember my passwords for all the different websites I frequent. You create one master password for LastPass, and then your usernames and passwords are auto-filled. My settings are such that when I leave my computer, LastPass signs out – for extra protection.  You can read more in a previous post.

4. ancestry.com


DNA. Need I say more? FUN FUN FUN! Besides my obsession with all things Forensic Files – I do love the fact that we are all made up of this DNA passed from generation to generation (to generation) – all the way back to the beginning of time! Most people that I say, “You have to do this! It’s awesome to see where you are from!” they reply that they don’t want to spend the money.

For under $100 you can give this as a gift.


5. Sonos




We have used Sonos in our house for YEARS. (I believe I have one of the first PLAY:5 speakers. We use two speakers downstairs, and one newer Sonos PLAY:1 upstairs. Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music – it’s just a never-ending beautiful sound system that ANYONE would enjoy! We use the app right on our phones to control the music, the sound, and the speakers (you can have all or a few or one speaker playing at a time.)

6. Music Subscriptions



(Speaking of Sonos…) I want a Spotify account. Since I can get Pandora with commercials for free, I won’t spend the money. If it was given to me as a gift? OMG!!! These are the good kinds of gifts people! Amazon Prime MusicSpotify? (I know there are others – google play music, Rhapsody, Apple Music – but I haven’t personally used those services.)


7. Kindle

Yes, it’s a “thing” that has the potential to be called clutter if you are crazy, but please. Whoever has one knows what I’m talking about. The Kindle Paperwhite is great.  I used it for a while, and now I use the Kindle Voyage because I somehow needed the newer model – (and the way you can just CLICK on ‘BUY NOW” is just the worst for people trying to incorporate the 48-hour rule. See post here.) I carry my Kindle everywhere. (I’m telling you. True story.) When you see me out of the house? Believe me, my kindle is somewhere near me. I use the library system for reading my books – it’s an incredible device, and the backlight is soothing at night, nothing like an iPad or any other tablet’s backlight.

8. Amazon Prime

This is the BEST gift for someone who doesn’t have it (including yourself.)

You get free two-day shipping on almost everything. Free music, video, lending library, and more.

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


9. Audible Membership

So I try my best to find books that I love on the library website. But often I miss the days where I had an Audible membership. Memberships such as this are things that I won’t buy for myself anymore. Audible is a GREAT gift. Think of someone who drives a lot in the car, someone who travels a lot, someone who likes to walk listening to podcasts or books – The interface works beautifully with so many different devices. I miss it. Wah wah wah – call the wahmbulance.



10. NetflixHulu

netflix image

hulu image





Netflix, Hulu, whatever. Give a year. Who wouldn’t love that? It takes up NO ROOM in someone’s house! Let’s see: Ozark, Dexter, Forensic Files, Stranger Things, Happy Valley, Shameless, Luther… Let’s stop there. Luther. Sigh

11. Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Cards

If anyone you know is conscious of spending money, you know that any cup of coffee purchased outside of the home is considered a valued treat and something they don’t NEED – They still buy the coffee, but somewhere in the back of their head they are wondering how much ALL the money spent on ALL the coffee they have purchased would add up too at this point? Spend your money on knowing they will enjoy being TREATED TO a cup of coffee – however many cups your gift card will last for.

dunkin' donuts gift card



Hint: Dunkin’ Donuts money goes farther than Starbucks money – but some people would rather have less of the better thing than more of the not-as-good thing – you know what I mean? Are you picking up what I’m putting down?



12. Adopt a Three-toed Sloth (or something else!)

heifer.org this is no ordinary gift


Three-toed sloth

The World Wildlife Fund actually has an option to adopt a sloth as a gift.  or any charity for that matter – charitynavigator.org ranks the charity based on how well they are managing their money. We have used heifer.org in the past and it makes everyone feel good.

Give a goat.

Spread the Love!

These are gifts you can give with a clear conscious and excitement with the loving thought that you are giving someone something that will be used to change their life in a positive way! Whether it’s saving them money because they didn’t have to buy it themselves, or because it brings them peace and enjoyment, (without clutter!) – this is a great list!


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