I am a working mother of three children – 18, 21, and 23 years old. I am the most productive lazy person I know – my love of learning is ceaseless – and I love to share!
But – I can hang out on the couch and not move better than anyone I know. I listen to tons of podcasts, I read books as if my life depended on it. Along with learning how to budget, I have spent the past several years learning as much as I can about passive investing and financial independence. I am almost paperless! Decluttering and organizing is not only fun for me, but I can’t seem to do all my relaxing and lazy-lay-on-the-couch behavior if things aren’t where they are supposed to be. I was disheartened using the online retirement calculators – they claimed if I saved 100% of my income starting now, I could safely retire at 86 years old. Then I realized that if I work a second job, blogging, writing, and doing things that I LOVE during my (limited) spare time I could realistically (and hopefully) create enough income to retire before 86 years old – which would leave me with time to live my life passionately and purposefully. Continue the journey with me! Welcome!