10 Hot Gifts for Cool Moms

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10 Hot Gifts for Cool Moms: The Ultimate Guide

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We all want to give something unique, don’t we? I’m sure shopping for a gift for me isn’t that simple – I want for nothing and need nothing. I’m not a girlie-girl – no jewelry, no make up.

It isn’t easy coming up with a list that doesn’t have jewelry, make-up, kitchen items (YES, I love to cook, and YES, I love kitchen gadgets, but that doesn’t mean I want anything extra for my kitchen.)

Also, since I am trying to minimize the amount of “stuff” in our lives, the last thing I want to do is add more “stuff” to my mom’s life!

Here are some of the craziest gift suggestions I found when looking around searching “Gifts for Mom.”

Kitchen gadgets galore – breakfast sandwich maker? Fondue set? Instant pot (yes, yes yes, they are AMAZING! And if you want one for yourself, check it out here – but please don’t buy a device for your mother that if she doesn’t use she will feel guilty about!)

Mason jar jackets (I’m not kidding, this was on a “best gift” list). Kitchen thermometer? (If your mom needs one so badly, just buy her one – but let’s not make it your you-are-the-best-mother-ever-and-I-thoughtfully-purchased-this-thermometer-to-show-my-deep-love-for-you gift.)
Hot dog toaster (again, not kidding), ice cream machine, bread maker, the list goes on.

Faux fur slippers, tassel earing kits, picnic backpacks, paper shredder (that’s an utterly sentimental way to remind mom of identity theft on mother’s day, right?), dust mop slippers…

Ok, you get the idea.
So here is MY list of thoughtful, hand-picked items for the mom in your life! (Or for yourself? Perhaps you can email this post to someone in your family?)


10 Hot Gifts for Cool Moms!

1. Yeti coffee mug

I LOVE MINE. This travel mug will be the only one she needs. She can get rid of all the other messy, old, and broken ones she has in her house. Keeps the coffee or tea HOT, and the colors are amazing. If I were a glutton, I would ask to have another so I would have two instead of one – But I only really need one.

If you want to go over the top, add in this handle, which I have as well. I cannot tell you how amazing this thing is.

2. Infuser and Essential Oils

If your mom doesn’t already have an infuser and oils, just do it. It’s the MOST relaxing way to spend an afternoon, evening, or any time in the house. It’s also a natural way to deodorize the bathroom if your mom doesn’t like the chemical smell of most deodorizers.

If you know she loves aromatherapy, and you want to go all out – Young Living is the way to go.
This brand is hands down the best smelling oils I have smelled so far in my 49 years…

For something more “beginner” minded – a set of Rhada Beauty oils are pretty incredible too. We also use these at home – (I mix lavender and lemon a LOT.)

And for the infuser? If you use one yourself, you know that when you use a small infuser, you wish it was bigger. The bigger it is, the less you have to refill with water.
We have to refill the 130ml way too much. 300 ml is a good size.


But hey, if you think she would like it bigger – go big or go home.

3. Candles and Soaps


Can anyone ever have too many candles? I don’t think so. I LOVE getting candles that smell good (not anything with a chemical smell – I’m a candle snob.)

My daughter and I are OBSESSED with this scent. YUM.

Goat milk soap:

We use ZumBar in our house, and we love it. It’s a fun time when we finish one bar and get to choose which flavor is next. The aroma is terrific enough to make the bathroom smell fresh and fragrant without any harsh odors or chemicals at all.
My favorite is the patchouli-scented soaps.

But if your mom isn’t into Patchouli (we either are or we aren’t, never met anyone that couldn’t decide!) – they have some more basic – for example, lavender scents too.

4. Frixion pens

OMG. OMG. OMG. Changed my life! Erasable pens. And Moleskin notebooks. If your mom likes to write, and if your mom loves to keep lists, and if your mom is “into” pens and paper – you have found your perfect gift.

I also bought the Frixion pens in colors.

I use them with my Moleskin notebooks, and it’s AMAZING!

5. Craftsy Unlimited

Is your mom into crafts? Gardening? Give her a subscription to Craftsy. She gets to watch unlimited courses in whatever she desires. I have taken knitting and gardening courses through Craftsy, all well produced and highly informative.

Try Craftsy Unlimited, let her watch everything free!
Craftsy Unlimited FREE 7 day trial at Craftsy.com

6. Click and Grow

Wow. Imagine being like me and mostly killing off plants as opposed to anyone even remotely being able to walk into my house and say, “Oh, your plants are beautiful!” I’m not a gardener. (I did buy the Craftsy course, but I haven’t dug into that yet (pun intended).

Click and Grow. The company has created these little units that have a light source built in, you put water in for a month, and your food grows. You can also plant flowers in there, but I am so fascinated with the thought of having a small pretty white container that grows food! The smaller one (Smart Garden 3) comes with three basil plants so you can get started right away. No chemicals. The perfect amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients –

There is a larger one (Smart Garden 9) that holds nine plants and comes with three basil plants, three mini tomato plants, and three salad green plants.

Let me repeat.

8. Evernote and Evernote Essentials.

I can’t make a gift list for ANY occasion, for ANY person and not add Evernote. If your mother isn’t using it yet, and she can use digital devices (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) this is an extraordinary gift. Brett Kelly wrote THE book on Evernote – Evernote Essentials. The two together, BAM – best present ever. (It would be for me if I didn’t have it already!)

9. Bose noise-canceling headphones

Ok. Maybe this is another “thing” but especially if your mom travels? These are amazing. They change the way flying on an airplane feels. Also – a noisy house? Noisy neighbors? These are fantastic. My pair is eight years old and still work like a dream. They come in black and silver.

If the headphones don’t do the trick- consider a Bose Bluetooth speaker instead. If your mom likes music and is listening to something from an unworthy device, this is a beautiful idea. The speaker also comes in some fun colors.

10. Theracane

Ok. this is a weird one. It looks strange. Does your mom keep stress on her shoulders? This device is AMAZING. I keep mine behind my desk at work – and specific people know they can come to use it when they feel a knot coming on. We call it “the green thing” but it’s officially called Theracane. Incredibly effective, and so so simple – one of those things where you wonder why you didn’t come up with the idea yourself.

And that’s my list. Now, what am I going to get for my mother this year? Any suggestions?