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The Best is Yet to Come!  Join me in my quest for a passionate and purposeful life!  I am writing this blog to help people mindfully organize their money and their life.

This post may contain affiliate links. You can read more on the disclaimer page. Please know I will never promote or suggest any product that I haven’t used and/or continue to use, and that I enjoy using in my own life.

Welcome! Expect to find support, encouragement, and inspiration here!  

This blog is the beginning of my journey to share how an organized, mindful life can take you wherever you want to go.  We can do this!

Some ideas of what’s to come:

  • DECLUTTER, ORGANIZE, MINIMIZE:  Too much clutter and “stuff”? How to ease into minimizing – organizing your home and your mind.
  • MONEY:  Creating and sticking to a budget.  Financial freedom, organizing your finances, money saving tips and techniques – stop wasting money on things you don’t need.
  • PRODUCTIVITY:  The more organized you are with your money and your life the more productive you naturally become.  Learn focusing techniques.
  • MINDFULNESS:  Just BE.  Stop worrying, read, play, learn!
  • GO PAPERLESS:  Use Evernote!  I am an avid Evernote user and will be sharing a wealth of information with you all.  Once you free your mind from what you have to remember to do – or free your file cabinets and desks from all the paper clutter, you have more time and energy to live and enjoy and listen to the birds. (or watch Forensic Files, or ice skate, or do whatever it is you want to do.
  • SAVE: Learn how to save responsibly.

And so much more…

Here’s the thing. At this time, MOST retirement calculators say if I save 100% of my salary from now on I can safely retire at 86 years old.That’s just not ok!!!! When my journey towards financial freedom began, I read lots of books, I listened to a lot of podcasts… My love of learning was instantly fired up and I was hooked.  I have to give a shout out to Rob Berger from the Dough Roller Money Podcast – He was the VERY first person I ever listened to that made “money talk” make sense – His podcasts taught me about HOW MANY THINGS I had been doing wrong, or not doing at all, and he also made it SO CLEAR to me that I desperately wanted to learn more! Listening to Rob’s podcast sent me into a whirlwind of learning all about passive investing and budgeting and financial independence. Thank you, Mr. Berger!

This blog is for all of us who are looking to live the life we want.  A mindful life.  An organized life.  A financially stable and financially independent life. Where life and money are mindfully organized!

Thanks for reading –

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